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Weight Watchers iPhone App

Our 3rd project in our Interaction Design class, the iFit application is an iPhone App that was created to support the WeightWatchers program.

This project was primarily an exercise in the design process, which included such topics as User Research, Low Fidelity Prototyping, and concept generation.

The basic principle of the app is a Pedometer that takes advantage of the iPhone’s built in pedometer. This pedometer keeps track of a user’s steps over the course of a day.

Through our research we discovered that graphical interpretations of data are more appealing to users. Then current iPhone pedometers did not store the data nor did they display graphical representations.

Our app would use several different graphical representations. It would use basic line graphs which would be scalable, so that users could chart their progress over time.  Users could also set goals in the form of steps per day. As the user walked and gained steps toward his/her goal, a series of friendly green feet would fill.

Ideally, iFit would be only a single part of a larger system, which would take into account the other four pillars of the Weight Watchers program. A floating, pulsating interactive heart would visualize the user’s overall health. The better off the user’s health is, the more active the heart would be. A less healthy person would have a less excited heart.


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