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Treaty is a javascript component that provides a rich text editor with real time collaborative capabilities.  It is easy to integrate with existing web-based applications and is easy to customize and expand upon.

Javascript is written primarily in javascript, using the jQuery framework.  The collaborative features are built on node.js and  Treaty uses tinyMCE as its default rich text editor.

In addition to a text editor, Treaty offers a platform that can be used to add real time communication to existing web apps.  Because it’s very loosely coupled to tinyMCE, it is relatively easy to extend treaty to support alternative text editors.

Most plans require the use of Treaty’s own server as the communication proxy, however, larger enterprise licenses are available, which allow customers to install the server software on their own machines, eliminating the need to go through Treaty’s sever.

Treaty is the sister project to Squad (, a collaborative online code editor.  Both products are owned by the Bloomington company Code Together.

I built treaty from the ground up, based loosely on the real-time communication used in Squad.