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Thomas Deaton’s Portfolio

Thomas Deaton is an old friend of mine and an amazing artist. Some of his work had been leaked onto the internet and has gained a small following. He decided he needed an online portfolio to showcase his other works and to unanonymize the works that were originally posted.

I came up with the mouth layout to support his elaborate and grotesque style. The mouth itself (along with all the other artwork) was drawn by Thomas.

The layered effect was created using two different images and a series of DIVs. The background image is a darkened version of the original artwork, while the foreground is gif with the throat/tongue made transparent. The unevenness of the teeth was compensated for by using DIVs with the foreground image set as the background. The DIVs have various widths and heights are absolutely positioned, with the background image positioned based on the DIV’s position.

I used jQuery to create the mouseover effect for the captions and for the lightbox. A jQuery plugin was used to make the far right teeth capable of scrolling the contents.

The content is completely customizable and updatable using a custom CMS created using PHP and MySQL. Thomas can upload his images, add them to a section and apply titles and captions to them. The sections and their corresponding teeth can also be managed and changed at will.