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The Stache

The Stache is an adventure RPG for Windows. It was originally created as a team project for an Interactive Storytelling (T580) course at Indiana University.  Work continued to until October 2009 when it was subitted to the Indie Game Challenge.  It was developed using RPG Maker VX.

The game stars Barry – a man whose prized mustache has vanished.  The player guides Barry around town in search of clues to the stache’s whereabouts.  Along the way, he’ll meet the town’s various inhabitants, some of whom will lend Barry their facial hair for use in his quest.

The Stache is primarily a humorous adventure game, in the vein of Leisure Suit Larry.  There are a number of battles that take advantage of RPG Maker’s turn based RPG battle system.

Download The Stache (161 MB .zip)

Game Credits

Lead Designer

Ben Serrette

Additional Designers

CJ Page

Emily Allen

Executive Producer

CJ Page

Lead Developer

Ben Serrette

Lead Writer

Emily Allen

Additional Writers

Xuan Wang

Brittany Harness

Ben Serrette

CJ Page


Nic Matthews

Teresa Lynch


Chris Paluzsek


Teresa Lynch

Additional Art

Burr Walker

Ben Serrette

Emily Allen

Promotional Video Credits


James Schmittler

Narrator and Pitchman

CJ Page

Special Thanks

Arby’s IP Holder Trust

IU Informatics Department


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