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JavaScript Projects

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Captain Numbskull in Space

Comic book about a thick headed space captain and his adventures in space.
The website's starfield simulation created using CSS and javaScript and can be controlled with the arrow keys.

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Treaty is a javascript component that can be used to provide real-time collaborative text editing in existing web-based applications.

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Anatomy of a Snake

Interactive map of Snake's equipment from Metal Gear Solid 3.
Created for an Instructional Graphics class. The interaction is created using Mootools.

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My previous portfolio site used during my time in graduate school.
Showcases my minimalist aesthetic. It was built on a custom content management system which was later used for my current site.

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An Illustrated Guide to Programming for Absolute Beginners and the Computer Illiterate

A short book explaining the basics of computer programming through simple javaScript examples and colorful illustrations.