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Interaction Design Projects

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Our Infinite Canvas

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Infinite Canvas 2.0

Masters capstone project... Web 2.0 brought to the infinite canvas.
The infinite canvas never took off because when webcomics were starting out, users were still using web 1.0. Now with the social web, the infinite canvas has another chance to shine.

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Anatomy of a Snake

Interactive map of Snake's equipment from Metal Gear Solid 3.
Created for an Instructional Graphics class. The interaction is created using Mootools.

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A World of All Seasons

A museum installation showing how the weather and seasons differ around the world.
While only a concept created for a class assignment, we did create a prototype to test a portion of the installation.

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JADE – jade Ambient Design Experience

Interaction design project dealing with local sustainability.
Team project. Potential CHI submission. User research and ambient design. Went through several design iterations based on research results.

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Weight Watchers iPhone App

Concept for an iPhone app that supports WeightWatchers users.
The app uses interactive graphics and charts to help motivate users to be active. The app uses the iPhone's accelerometer to track the foot steps and displays this information in a variety of ways so that users can keep track of their stats.