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Nostalgia Bomb

A nostalgia bomb is that sudden feeling of intense nostalgia that follow the re-discovery of something from your youth. It can also refer to the thing that has caused this feeling.

Dustin Higginbotham and myself create a social media site that captures these things in one place. Users can upload ‘Nostalgia Bombs’ to the website and then vote on them via “hit” and “miss” buttons, signifying whether they remember the specific bomb. In theory, the site would use an algorithm based on date tagged bombs, user birthdays, and hit/miss statistics to provide more relevant bombs to registered users. Due to other obligations, this stage of the project never came to fruition.

The business model was to be based around contextual ads and affiliate programs. Ideally, once users were hit by a nostalgia bomb, they would be more susceptible to clicking on ads or purchasing relevant items from affiliates.

Dustin was responsible for most of the backend programming. He created a custom, object oriented framework for our specific needs. It uses php and mysql. The user authentication is based around tokens.

I acted as the frontend programmer and graphic designer. The color scheme takes advantage of tacky, retro colors to reinforce the nostalgic feel. The logo uses a 60’s-esque font for the same reason. The ‘bomb’ portion of the logo uses an 8-bit font and style to reinforce that the site is for a range of age groups, not just those who would respond to the Bellbottom font and tacky colors. The hit and miss buttons are designed to look like the pegs from Battleship. Battleship is a popular board game (a subject that nostalgia bombs often stem from) and remediates the ‘hit’ and ‘miss’ function of the ‘nostalgia bombs’ into an accessible graphic format.

Development of Nostalgia Bomb has been suspended indefinitely. The future of the project is a mystery.