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Illustration Projects

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Captain Numbskull in Space

Comic book about a thick headed space captain and his adventures in space.
The website's starfield simulation created using CSS and javaScript and can be controlled with the arrow keys.

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24 Hour Comic Day – 2014

24 Hour Comic Day is a yearly event on the first Saturday of October, where cartoonists from all over the world create comics from start to finish in 24 consecutive hours. My first attempt in 2013 was a miserable failure. My second attempt in 2014 went pretty well. I had to take a break to recover from a migraine on Saturday night, but the total amount of time spent working was not more than 24 hours.

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Strips 4 Singles

For a dollar per panel, you too can have your visions brought to life in a custom comic strip!

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A Plus B

Allison and Ben are getting married! This site contains all the details about the wedding including accommodations and registry info, photos and an FAQ.

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An Illustrated Guide to Programming for Absolute Beginners and the Computer Illiterate

A short book explaining the basics of computer programming through simple javaScript examples and colorful illustrations.

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Bonus Comics

Random bonus strips unrelated to my other projects.

Since Poonheads ended, there's sometimes a comic-making itch to scratch. This is the result of scratching that itch.

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Poonheads: The Comic

A webcomic about three young men getting into improbable situations. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just about crude humor... it's about friendship.
Updated regularly from May 2004 to June 2005. Sporadically updated, thereafter. Penciled by hand. First half, inked by hand. Second half, inked in Photoshop. Colored in Photoshop.