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Captain Numbskull in Space

The Comic

Space. It’s cold, it’s dark, and it goes on forever. There is an infinite number of points in the space between here and there. At each point there awaits untold dangers and unforseable peril. Few men dare to brave this great emptiness alone. Our good captain is one of them and no amount of space will keep him from the adventure that lies ahead.

Captain Numbskull in Space is a comic book about a bumbling space pirate and his exploits in space.

Numbskull was originally created as a random filler comic for The Vermilion (ULL’s student newspaper) during the summer of 2005. Only two strips in its original form were created and published before the regular comics returned in the fall.

The concept was so appealing, however, Ben continued sketching Numbskull related concept art until he finally decided to create a comic book based on his character. This would be his first foray into actual print comic books.

Due to scholastic and work related obligations, the production of the Numbskull comic was halted several times.

It was finally completed and, thanks to a successful Kickstarter, printed in 2014.  More information can be found at

The Website

Captain Numbskull’s website is comprised of a single page, using named anchors for navigation. Design is created with CSS, so it degrades beautifully when style sheets are turned off, or unavailable.

The starfield simulation in the background is created using regular, plain old javaScript. I used three transparent .gif’s, each with different sized stars, as the background images of 3 different div’s. The javaScript moves the background images based on variables that can be changed using the arrow keys.

The content can be hidden by using the Konami Code. This allows you to play with the starfield without having to look at the content.

Layout was designed and produced by myself.